Highwaystar je pokrenuo crowfdunging kampanju sa ciljem da iskupi dovoljno finansija da bi imali za nove poduhvate, tačnije snimanje video sadržaja. Više o svemu tome možete pronaći na OVOM linku.

Na tom linku takođe nas možete i podržati finansijski, što bi puno značilo. Ako ne možete, takođe nam puno znači ako možete da šerujete taj link na svoje društvene mreže kako bi što više ljudi videlo.





Hi people, I’m Rastko. Just over three years ago, I founded the cultural and music magazine Highwaystar.

It was January, it was cold outside, and during the exam period, as well as any student, it was more fun for me to do anything other than study. At that moment, I realized that I have a lot more information from the world of music than my peers, but also older people, so i opened an Instagram page called Highwaystar magazine.

During that time (from the age of three), the transformation from the Instagram page into a real online store with the site was performed, and in the meantime, Facebook and TikTok were also opened.

It contains announcements of concerts and concerts, photo galleries from the same, important news from the world of music and culture, author’s texts, reviews, interviews and much more, while on social networks you can find some maybe a little more relaxed material suitable for them.

Today, Highwaystar is one of the most popular magazines in the world of culture in the region(Serbia and ex-Yugoslavia), which guarantees you quality content and is the winner of the award given by PC Press at the state level.

Photo of the award and me with it


Unfortunately, people today do not read too much, especially things that similar portals and I write about, and progress in this area is almost impossible.

My goal is to expand Highwaystar, attract more people’s attention, and get the new dimension it deserves. Video dimension.

With one of my photographers, I plan to start a series of reports / short documentaries that will aim to tell many stories from the world of art.

From the oldest and most famous, to the youngest, most talented and worthy of attention. We will do our best to get to the most interesting stories and details that the interlocutor did not tell anyone, and to rare archival photos or videos.


Wherever our interlocutor, time, place and finances allow us. We are not in the mold. Sometimes outside in the city, sometimes in nature, sometimes in a studio or cafe.


Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

We have some equipment, but not much, and the equipment is not cheap. We are modest and do not aim at space equipment, but we still depend on your help and good will.

In addition, we may be able to provide the equipment somehow, but what is even more important – we need your support to pay for travel, food and accommodation, because we will not record everything in Belgrade or Valjevo, where I am from.

Equipment is bought once and you have it (until it breaks down haha), and the finances go to that on a weekly basis. If you are working, you can support us with a financial donation or choose one of the awards you like the most and help us.


Because there are many stories that deserve to be told.

I’m sure you’ve had cases where you hear or see something new, say ‘man, this is ingenious, how I haven’t discovered this before’. We do this to present such things to you and to reveal them before you can even imagine.

Because it eats me up that there are so many interesting lives and talented people that no one knows about. Because there are legendary musicians who are not asked interesting questions, but the same in a circle. Because this life is interesting if we make it that way.

Without your support, none of this would have happened so far, help me go even further.

If you are able, support us financially, donate, or choose one of the prizes offered.

If not, I would ask you to share this campaign on social networks and share it with your friends so that as many people as possible can see it.


UNFORTUNATELY, site where crowdfunding campaign is set up is Serbian, so there is no translate option on the site itself. I will translate all important words from site so you can donate.  HERE IS LINK TO DONATIONS.

Payment by card is possible from anywhere.

You can choose the EUR or USD option.

The author of the campaign receives your donation in RSD – Dinar